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Ipé – Decking

Ipé (pronounced e-pay) from South America is a dense hardwood, tight grained, generally with a deep brown colour. It is important to realize that all wood is a product of  “Mother Nature” and no two pieces will be exactly the same. Colour, grain and texture will vary. This enhances the natural beauty and uniqueness of any wood . All wood changes colour over time and Ipé will become a soft silvery grey unless treated with Ipé oil. Compared to other decking wood, Ipé is significantly harder, has superior bending strength, and is resistant to insect and decay.

Oliver Lumber stocks air dried Ipé that is ready for use, dressed four sides with an eased edge, in a variety of sizes for decking, fascia, posts, and more.

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Oliver Lumber is especially proud that all of its Ipe Decking and Ipe Siding products are sourced solely from Certified and FSC® Certified Brazilian sawmills, committed to harvesting selectively from managed tropical forests.

Our partners in Brazil carefully manage their forests in a sustainable and selective manner under strict government control. This adds value to their forests which prevents large-scale deforestation due to agriculture and other non-industrial uses. By adding value to their forests in this way, responsible forestry operations actually protect their long-term viability over more indiscriminate uses.

Our sawmill partners must pass a third party “Legal Verification Program” ensuring that their products pass a thorough analysis of their timber custody supply chain and that they are in accordance with Brazilian and International laws, including the Lacey Act and EU Timber Regulations.




Complete Kit Components

(175) Ipe Clip® Extreme® Hidden Deck Fasteners

(190) #8×2′ (#8 x 5,08cm) Stainless Steel T15 – Star Drive Screws

(12) 3/8″ (9,5mm) Tapered Ipe plugs

(1) 1/8″ (3,2mm) High Speed Drill Bit

(1) T15 Star Driver Tips

(1) Instruction Sheet

For more information on Ipe Clip® , visit deckwise.com