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PRISM by Arauco

The offered solutions will allow you to have different solutions for either some simple storage, your more elaborate walk-in project or for your bathroom or kitchen cabinets.

4 panel choices

The distinctive character of the PRISM products is revealed moreover by the possibility of using 3 types of panels as an alternative to the standard particle board who, beyond appearance, present features sought after by the commercial sector; either, particle boards or exclusive fire-retardant MDF substrates which resist fire from one end to the other even once cut. The moisture resistant panels are also suitable for very humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens, as are the durable VESTA brand panels products of choice which are certified ECCtm (Eco-Certified Composite).

All the PRISM panels are also available on request with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. This certification ensures that the wood used for the manufacturing of products comes from responsibly managed forests and it is particularly in demand for LEED projects.

For more information, visit prismtfl.com